Using a planner or calendar is a skill that keeps one’s life organized. For someone with FASD this skill is invaluable because individuals often have trouble with memory causing missed appointments, frustration and anxiety. By incorporating a planner or calendar the individual is able to feel a sense of control over his or her own day-to-day operations, and has more success getting to appointments on time. 

Each individual with FASD has different strengths and challenges, meaning finding the right planner for someone is invaluable. Some individuals with FASD prefer the old fashioned method of writing things down in a planner, other clients may prefer to have planners on their phones. You can create a magnetic or Velcro calendar with images of appointments or tasks that can be attached (example below) or you can simply create an appointment template to print for your client to attach to their calendar at home. 


Velcro calendar designed by: Kozmic Visual Connections

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