An Eye-Spy Bag has many different purposes, it acts as a fidget toy, a distraction, or a calming tool. It can be made as difficult or as easy as needed. If you have sewing abilities you can create the bag out of material sewn to a clear cover. Another option is to purchase a pencil case or clear bag. The bag is then filled with random objects and clear beads. The objective is have the individual search for the objects by using their heads to manipulate the bag and the objects inside. Examples can be seen in the pictures below. 

1. Determine what you would like to use for a bag. The example below is a home made 
version using cloth and a plastic table cloth. You can also use cosmetic bags, pencil cases or water bottles. 




2. Gather your Eye-Spy items. The items should be small with no sharp edges, use little items found around the house or at dollar stores. 

3. Purchase a sifting material such as poly beads, rice or lentils. 

4. Make a list of the items you’ve collected to put in the Eye-Spy Bag.

5. Add the items and the sift material to your bag. Make sure you leave enough room to sift the items thoroughly. If the bag is too full it will be harder to sift through. 


6. Seal and secure your bag so no beads or items fall out. 

7. Attach the list to the bag.