A hanging chair is an easy-to-use, inexpensive alternative to options such as swing sets, hammocks, rocking chairs, exerise balls and more. This hanging chair was purchased for $10 and can sustain a variety of body sizes.

By providing a chair that hugs the individual and provides a sense of floating in the air or swinging side-to-side, we can create a sensory soothing atmosphere. This may not work for all individuals, as each person's sensory system reacts differently. This chair can be used to calm a child, encourage quiet play and to relax the body. 

Hanging chairss can be used inside the house if properly attached to a stud or ceiling beam. Outside, the chair can hang off a tree or a play set meant for swings. 

Don't forget to pair this tool with something the child finds soothing, like a handheld game, music or a good book. If an individual hesitates to try the chair do not push, leave the chair up to see if they explore it on their own. If they don't try the chair, take it back to the sore and try another strategy.