The following five tools are visual reminders including reminders pictures, chore charts, calendars, task lists, and a ready for work chart, these are easy and cost-effective ways to create visual reminders that individuals with FASD can utilize to aid their memory deficits. These reminders provide a non-verbal prompt so the individual remembers what to do next in a specific situation. The design of these tools can vary greatly depending on the needs and strengths of the individual using them. For example, the following tools can be designed using just pictures, just words, or a combination of both depending of the abilities of the individual. 


This is a very basic tool, it involves placing images throughout the home, workplace or classroom that can prompt the individual with instructions they have struggled with in the past. These can be complex instructions like “what to do if you get upset” or simple instructions such as “how to wash the dishes.” The layout or design of the picture should depend on the developmental age and preferences of the individual, it can include clipart images, images of the individual actually doing the task, or just words to prompt their memory. While the individual is still learning to utilize the reminder pictures it can be useful to have a support person point to the images to prompt the individual to use the new tool. This structure and repetition can effectively aid the individual with mastering formerly difficult instructions. A good idea is to print and laminate the pictures so they last longer.            



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